How To Choose Commercial Landscapers

When it comes to business, appearances always matter. After all, the appearance of your business is the first thing prospective and current customers see. You want your office to be clean and welcoming and probably take steps to make sure your space is always tidy, but what about the outside of your business? Prospective clients will see the outside before they see the inside, and that is why commercial landscapers are a business.

If you are considering hiring landscapers to improve the outward appearance of your business, here are six questions you should be prepared to ask:

1. What types of services do they offer?

Landscaping is about more than keeping the lawn mowed. Landscapers should be prepared to trim hedges, care for plants, maintain gardens and clean according to seasonal needs. Your landscaping service should also be ready to adjust their services according to changes you may make in the future.

2. How much experience do they have and what are they experienced in?

You will want landscapers that know how to take care of the commercial property, and they should be able to prove their experience through their work with other businesses.

3. What do their other clients say about their services?

Customer referrals and reviews go a long way toward letting you know whether their services are a good fit. You can check the landscaping company’s website for reviews, but it is a good idea to look at other sources, such as personal referrals.

4. What do they know about horticulture?

If you want to have plants on your property, your landscapers should know about plant species and how to take care of them properly. You should develop a plan for your landscaping and have some ideas for the types of plants you want. The landscapers should know which plants will work best for which areas and should be able to provide you with the plants you would like to have on your property.

5. What do they use for gardening?

If you want to protect the environment, you need to find landscapers that feel the same way. Ask the landscaping company what types of products they use to repel pests and what they use to fertilize the plants. If you want to be friendly with the environment, you need landscapers who use environmentally-friendly products.

6. What do they charge for their services?

You might not know what it costs to create and maintain landscaping for your property, but you can find out by requesting quotes from multiple landscapers. Once you have received the quotes with their lists of all they offer for the price, you will be able to make a good choice based on their experience, offerings, and price. The cheapest is not always best, but the most expensive may not make sense, either. When it comes to price and service, make sure there is a good balance of quality and value.